A Passive Silhouette Spine

A Passive Silhouette Spine : Collection of Poetry

Alexander Maxwell


‘A Passive Silhouette Spine, has been described as – an emotional roller-coaster, evocative, extremely visual, thought provoking, beautiful and magnificently simplistic. It consists of 85 well written poems on a wide array of subjects, including relationships, inspiration, society, emotions and much, much more. It is food for the heart, the mind and the soul.

“Since writing this book, I have been asked, ‘am I happy with the finished collection?’. I can honestly now say, ‘I AM’. As most creative people will agree, showing others your work is normally much harder than doing the work. As we have to deal with all the demons of self doubt, poking up their nasty heads.

‘A Passive Silhouette Spine’ is not your usual academic poetry book, why? You may ask, well I have never studied poetry anywhere other than in the comfort of my own surroundings or discomfort of my own existence. But I have come to realise that is what makes introvert people strive harder to better themselves, constantly learning and improving.

The mark I received in High School, English, would not allow me to even use the restroom in most universities. I should have received a ‘B+’ for, ‘boredom’ or an ‘A+’ for, ‘always staring out the window’. This book is written from my experiences and observations about the world around me, as we are all individual these are my perceptions.

Why poetry? Well after studying the lives of many different people, my life seemed to resemble the dysfunctional character of the grief stricken poets more than any other group.

I hope that you enjoy reading my collection; and that you find it helpful and informative in some way. Thank you for your support.”

Alexander Maxwell