Poem – Automation of Heroic Empathy

Beseeched I am to bridle my hand while the wild animal feeds, though I perceive they grow indolent to their natural needs. Once anomalous wild souls, now they find themselves regressing to basic physiological needs, as time will have them soon, gnawing my anxious hand that seeds. What? Will the world for them hold when […]

Poem – The House of Cedar

The hooting of the owls, imperceptible shadow tumbling moonlight, sleek crosses stationed, lament the mounds, cresting in the spent redemption scent of cedar If these nocturnally alive tales, whispered were heard told, they would of the blazes legends burnt bright launching embers staggering high into the society of cedar The wars once fought, conquered but […]

Poem – City Gulls Descent

Half cup of coffee, terse 3 am black on a new moon, besieged by crumbs Granite houses, murky eyes wait letter box news, with deserted drives A refuse truck, beeps outside shakes and devours, a hungry street mutt A gust flies, morning paper, headlined yesterday, all that happened, past Loitering seagulls, darting eyes sea side […]

Poem: Greased Cap Dream

Poem: Greased Cap Dream Poised in nostalgia captured proudly, concealing their age vibrant coated candy, below a dated cap procured a benign smile deceiving my mind slap, soft cheeks, unstubbled blue aged overalls, warmly greeted with an inclined nod he stepped between his enormous models, a fantasy it did seem faulted my step rubbed my […]

Poem: Morning Dawn

Poem: Morning Dawn Every soul shimmers foremost bright Sirius’ on her journey from the Nile A desert dark new moon’s night Clearing paths of life’s stagnated bile Flowing innocent love with open wings The ibis greets the crisp morning dawn A gentle splash displaces papyrus delusions Where distrust spread its serpents spawn Languishing snakes seek […]

Poem: War in Raged Belief

Poem: War in Raged Belief We wage war, in raged belief Reason for, without thought. Building life’s pile, to dying ash We the vile, deserve the desert rash What have we fought for? Peace without reward Our failure to think forward Back and forth we carelessly sink Submerged in daily want, for words Of fames […]

Poem: With Recognition Lit Irises

Poem: With Recognition Lit Irises Express the word, concurred trees Challenged to different degrees Youthful love blinking for stars moved And the leaves sink on distant goodbyes When will our journeys’ intersect again With subtle scents of times recognition. Memory distortion rising it flips Upon the name wetting tongue tips Your face still shimmers a […]

Poem: Lazy is the Gardener

Poem: Lazy is the Gardener The door I had left open allowed a kink of darkness caressing the stone floor to enter unannounced it grew as the sun sailed toward the horizon’s salty hue sitting carelessly in the floral worn edged armchair a single mislaid finger met with the evocative kink which slithered and lingered […]

Poem: Who Stands There

Poem: Who Stands There In defence we habit Striving to save ourselves Our souls, neglect And perceived less Growing like monsters Hungry for revenge An appetite for anger Towards those close Or far Someone says, something Against the regret we harbour Emotions grow hungry To devour them wrong Highlighting the signs Pointing at their failures […]