Poem: Leaves and Concrete

Poem: Leaves and Concrete I have found, home Lies not where the heart But where the mind drifts Always mischievous Directing actions on set The sheet, not of silk Dried leaves and concrete Happiness snuggles the cold stub Of a burnt candle. Lost in darkness, We repeat.

Poem: Red Right Hand Claps

Poem: Red Right Hand Claps A swept cart drawn into the rusty corner Prospecting the math of granite freight Shaking trousers of glacier cemented ruts Fringed into The cellar of dry hung weight The tunnelled westerly betray cloaked tracks Fool my spine with clandestine needle north Where cultivated marches howl to podium echo’s Here stalk […]

Poem: By Root Cause

Poem: By root cause It is darkest before, comes the light Illuminates and degrades Spots of mould and cobwebs In corners of youths dread Things once said, commands nature To bend and buckle at rumpled knees And somersault one hundred degrees. Sacrifice impregnates awakening Scream echoing bears lightening Stimulates life to crack drained dawn Creativeness […]

Poem: Small Feet With Blisters

Small feet with blisters There was docility, to her being her step calculating, never freeing her mother could not explain why her daughter wore this mask since a baby, the years had past the one was dolce, on the outside yet her other, tightly in a wrapper wondered, why the world, constantly lied In the […]

Poem: Popping Orange Ballons

Poem: Popping orange balloons Blisters inflating like water swelling balloons Clear thoughts awaiting to be popped too soon For a sign there must develop a sense In the rays of mine suns warm tense Barefoot across rough longed edge Rocks the boat of hostility and rises. Sinking when I am not there, arrived With the […]

Poem: Misty are the tomorrows

Poem: Misty are the tomorrows Grave the guitar craves hands that grieve Beckons for a walking lead to misbelieve Clings blurred cliff to tuffs of grass Chief chords primary noise learned Begging patient ears stationed Humour fills the darkened halls Ill consumed perspective draws And perspiration slips the alter Fall splashing weeds to grow Through […]

Poem: Under a full moon shine

Poem: Under a full moon shine Black rusty gates, bubbled paint, hinges Mouse moan for oil, half open Uneven stone, paths I navigate A barrow loaded and muddy shovel Tall swaying trees cast infinite fate, Over hanging dusky atmosphere’s Moonlit eerie breeze, serenades With crawling leaves, resembling creepy critters And slimy worms that ease, past […]

Poem: Who knows the instilled wind

Poem: Who knows the instilled wind WHO KNOWS THE INSTILLED WIND Who knows the instilled wind that chills Who sows reeds along the flowing banks Who hurries words to the leather breeze Where rains drowned the grieving leaves Like rasping twig footed darkened crows That burst from high above crumbling trees. Who knows the instilled […]


O MOTHER MOON She sings me sweetly, through the clouded veil as it falls down over her navigating pale ivory sombre face, O mother moon I have no need for warm frothing ale or a helping from an old anchored spoon for these seas I must trust to alone sail. Your offering of revolving joy […]

Poem: Closed Eyes See More

Poem: Closed Eyes See More   ‘Sit, still I relax, watching darkened roads Disappearing down endless tracks, forgotten loads Obscured shadows, awaiting their moment to pounce Shivering icicles drip, I trip, slip, give an ounce Crisp footprints rising, leading a-way, Through early meadow frost A voice echo’s ‘come this way’, I listen as it fades […]