Poem: Gravestones and bluebells

Gravestones and bluebells   water gushes, willow sways in the gentle breeze marble, stone waist tall lean, askew in time casting shadows on the bones below chiselled names and dates of the deceased, inscribed with rest in peace father, son wife, grandfather some forgotten others soaked in remembrance tears, a deep-felt sleep air filled with […]

Sir Terry Frost

Sir Terry Frost

Artist Sir Terry Frost   Last Saturday I went along to view the exhibition of work by the late abstract artist, Sir Terry Frost, at the Exchange Gallery in Penzance, Cornwall. I loved his work on display, paintings he created early in his career in the 1950s, the colours, perspective, simplicity and the thought behind […]

Sennen Surfing


Surfing Pictures Sennen   ‘My father and my uncle just threw me into the water from an outrigger canoe, I had to swim or else.’ Duke Kahanmoku     I love surfing and the ocean, the thrill of it and the peace it offers me. Duke Kahanamoku is known as the father of modern surfing. […]