Poem: This Skin Itches

Poem: This Skin Itches   This skin itches; these clothes, shoes Entangled, full of stitches An imposter, a fake, a fraud Deceived, detested; tormented Desperately seeking a sign, a lamp A displaced postcard requiring a stamp Blindly stumbling in the dark Concealed, confused, crushed, stark Who am I supposed to be? Unable to imitate my […]

Poem: Struggle

Poem: Struggle   It was cold and hot and wet and dry I was sad and happy and angry When I began my fight A revolution fought Deep down inside me No cannons or guns Just a battle to be free My ego against me It wanted to be king Desired fame and to be […]

Poem: Grappling

Poem: Grappling   The reflection on the water cool, crystal sun rays shimmer the look upon your face curls my smile in place near you, the crowd is silenced Opulent were their words, their eyes refracting fear, gathering counting numbers together the bird of time flutters by, grappling for one in each hand they do […]

Poem: Dyeing

Poem: Dyeing   Orange dye seeps into the morning sky a gradient hue entering the sombre blue liquid dew, clinging upon the screen care instructions instilled, what I must do? the muffled chirp of early natures song obscure grey lines spill within the quiet room rinsing away the fabric of the deepest colour climbing and […]

Poem Kubili

Poem Kubili   Poem Kubili began as a seed planted into the fertile earth of a common love—poetry. The land was then prepared and watered by a number of skilful poets and poetesses. Digging the furrow side by side, week by week, carefully making sure the seed fell in the best soil. Gently the seed […]

Poem: Morning Sunshine

Poem: Morning Sunshine   She wakes me every day A soft whisper Brings the call of dawning Peeping into my room Narrow the line, tracing Floor to ceiling Comforting it is to know No-matter whether up or down She is there, removing The past, left in darkness Sliding the curtains, open Rushing in, illuminating We […]

Carn Kenidjack

Poem: Kenidjack Wrestler   Once upon a black Cornish night unsteady, two stout miners stumbled ready, though the rough gorse and wild heather, returning from the rowdy pubs of Morvah together wondering what their wives may say A sudden low moan rose before them the carn of darkness, howled a high pitched wine, Carn Kenidjack […]

Atlantic Sunset

Atlantic Sunset   Time paints with an artistic touch delicate lines of the masters brush gentle colours seep through the view washing everything before – anew.     I sat and watched as the dome before me was painted in an array of stunning colours, not in a gallery of still life but a motion […]

The Romantics

The Romantics   Romanticism was an artistic, intellectual and literary movement in Europe toward the end of the 18th century. It was emphasised on the emotion and individualism of the being, and directed its thinking on what the being felt rather than what it had been taught to believe about the world in which it […]

Poem: Nature’s Alarm

Poem: Nature’s Alarm   Hath the morning arrived dull from colour? urge the sun to disperse the darkness orange it’s courage, blazes the horizon arcing fire over natures king dome edging on, the new day dawns calls from the hedgerow birds welcoming its arrival, cheer all who walk, nature’s way a spring of blooms spray […]