Poem: Black Smith

Poem: Black Smith   Criticism steel, forges into a weighty anvil bends and bows the smoldering shoulders consumes love and devours self-esteem burns the shine, from the glean stricken compressing the light, suppressing knees with unjust self abuse, glory to ashes under the years, false guilt, spilt and loaded with a glowing shovel of ignorant […]

Poem : Navigate

Poem: Navigate   Sailing upon the rough sea of destiny craving desires, advancing forth looming off the bow, my chosen path darkness descends in swirling froth senses tremble, destructively the fickle hand shifts its grip and grapples against the wooden grain rudder beckoned by land and its illusive cover my heart commands with consuming power […]

A Passive Silhouette Spine

A Passive Silhouette Spine : Collection of Poetry   ‘A Passive Silhouette Spine, has been described as – an emotional roller-coaster, evocative, extremely visual, thought provoking, beautiful and magnificently simplistic. It consists of 85 well written poems on a wide array of subjects, including relationships, inspiration, society, emotions and much, much more. It is food […]

Poem: Ode to Bukowski

Poem: Ode to Bukowski   I have learned in life it is better to be wrong people talk to you when you are wrong they’re quick to tell you the right way but when you are right they ignore you  

Poem: Gravestones and bluebells

Gravestones and bluebells   water gushes, willow sways in the gentle breeze marble, stone waist tall lean, askew in time casting shadows on the bones below chiselled names and dates of the deceased, inscribed with rest in peace father, son wife, grandfather some forgotten others soaked in remembrance tears, a deep-felt sleep air filled with […]