Poem – City Gulls Descent

City Gulls Descent

Half cup of coffee, terse
3 am black on a new moon,
besieged by crumbs

Granite houses, murky eyes
wait letter box news,
with deserted drives

A refuse truck, beeps outside
shakes and devours,
a hungry street mutt

A gust flies, morning paper,
headlined yesterday,
all that happened, past

Loitering seagulls, darting eyes
sea side vultures circle,
a waiting surprise

A holed cashmere crumpled
wounded in rippled shadows,
the bramble creeper

Tuesday morning modalities
rushed and wrangled aside,
the new arrivals amplify

The pounding hooves, lone rider
sweat running down flanks,
promotes the countryside.

Alex Maxwell
© 2018

For Poem Kubili