Poem: Closed Eyes See More

Poem: Closed Eyes See More

Closed Eyes See More Poem


‘Sit, still I relax, watching darkened roads
Disappearing down endless tracks, forgotten loads
Obscured shadows, awaiting their moment to pounce
Shivering icicles drip, I trip, slip, give an ounce
Crisp footprints rising, leading a-way,
Through early meadow frost
A voice echo’s ‘come this way’, I listen as it fades
A blue hand dips and rises, freezing surprises
An apology slips from my trembling numb lips
A cloud of condensed vapour, vanishes in brittle—mist

Warmer now, warmer how
A declining path appears, a sin in arrears
Hotter than a desert day, burning sand
Moist palms, heavy alms
A zealous red right hand, inflamed, summons
Salt stream sweats, down creases, flames leap
Beckoned by name, my name, what is it;
I retreat glowing steps, smoke burning feet,
I retreat, from whence I came
Retreat from this crumbling heap
Leaving a shimmering puddle, smouldering

A rose appears in candlelit bloom
A confident palm outstretched and calm
A rhythm beats against my breast
One of peace, peace in a garden of delight
Bright incandescent, butterflies
No more, no more, belly rumble cries
The dread released and camellia’s blossom
Petals red and yellow and pink
Decorating the trees, like delicious ripe fruit
Ready to be picked, I think, no more
Still I relax, I relax
I sit and unpack
Observing the mysterious facts
Breathing in and exhaling, I relax
Opening my eyes, the thoughts have died.


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Comments from Poem Kubili

Bob Williams – I like your use of rhyme in this poem, Alex, and I thought it helped you achieve that relaxed calm that is one of the goals of meditation. In the final six lines of your poem, I feel myself winding down and getting into a peaceful, uncluttered “zone.” Your strategic use of repetition in the poem (ex., “I relax, I relax) also helps to set a meditative mood for your reader. Masterfully crafted poem.

Dianne Forbes Compton – Alex, I always find your work amazing. This is a wondrous and magical trip through the eyes and the senses, experiencing so many things. This is a path I can take many times, the chill, the desert, the panicked emotion all finally leading to a place of peace, of re-blooming, rebith, and all in rhyme. Totally sublime.

Jen Walls – This is wondrous and beautiful, dear Alex. The jostling dance with nature and the relationship one must attain through meditational vibrations when we commune within relaxation… all thought naturally dies without force and becomes merged within the grace of everything breathing in and out inside of center of being. You are really rippling through and tingling us inside of soul with this piece. I love it very much! Thank you!

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