Poem: Grappling

Poem: Grappling

Alexander Maxwell


The reflection on the water
cool, crystal sun rays shimmer
the look upon your face
curls my smile in place
near you, the crowd is silenced

Opulent were their words, their eyes
refracting fear, gathering
counting numbers together
the bird of time flutters by,
grappling for one in each hand
they do

for me it’s only you

There is an ocean, a sea breeze
between truth and lies
juggling regret with hope
someday, someday hoping to forget
spliced ropes, forearm thick
rest worn upon the walls
fishermen and boats
gently rise and suddenly fall

for me it’s only you.

All I ask, is to stay alert
to what is good in this life
and of the other’s,
please row not your boat of conquest
inflict me with your disease of desire
and more, as I only need
be content with my love
sitting on this harbor wall.

Listen below to Alex reading Grappling –

©® Alexander Maxwell 2016
Alexander Maxwell