Poem: Greased Cap Dream

Poem: Greased Cap Dream

Greased Cap Dream Poem

Poised in nostalgia
captured proudly,
concealing their age
vibrant coated candy,
below a dated cap
procured a benign smile
deceiving my mind slap,
soft cheeks, unstubbled
blue aged overalls,
warmly greeted
with an inclined nod
he stepped between
his enormous models,

a fantasy it did seem
faulted my step
rubbed my eyes clean,
an orange sun setting
a splash of magic water
yet his pride was comforting,
not the voice of a tenor
angelic, passive his manner
as he pocketed his spanner

projecting his passion
of restoring neglected machines
once covered in mud
now dripping pristine,
this young man’s reality
every boys’ dream
around him was all
he needed in this crazed world
earthly it was,

his match box sanity,

restored tractors gleamed
not his oversized vanity.