Poem Kubili

Poem Kubili

Alexander Maxwell


Poem Kubili
began as a seed planted into the fertile earth of a common love—poetry. The land was then prepared and watered by a number of skilful poets and poetesses. Digging the furrow side by side, week by week, carefully making sure the seed fell in the best soil. Gently the seed sprouted roots and the random poets and poetesses became friends, not only writing poems. They also gave their time freely to be supportive and appreciative to the other poems being posted. In doing this the stem of the seed forced its way out of the brown earth and into the light of confidence, feeling it was in a safe environment to grow tall and strong. It stretched toward the sun as other poets and poetesses where drawn to its majestic beauty, and so it continued to ascend into the clear blue sky. It has now blossomed into a beautiful flower, each petal a poetic mind, a fellowship of inspirational creative’s.

What is Poem Kubili?

Poem Kubili is a fellowship of poets and poetesses who write a poem weekly using 2 randomly selected words by one of the team. Every Tuesday these poems are posted to Facebook where the members and friends give their time freely to discuss, like and comment on the poems.

How did Poem Kubili start?

Poem Kubili started with a spark I had while out walking one day. I wondered what would happen if a number of poets using the same 2 words selected at random as their muse, would interpret them differently. The first week I received 5 poems and was amazed at the complexity of ideas which had sprung forth from the 2 random words.

What is the essence of Poem Kubili?

The essence of Poem Kubili is the common love and camaraderie of the poets and poetesses involved in the project. These poetic minds give freely every week of their time, not only in writing great poems, but in giving their time to support and encourage the other poets and poetesses by offering worthwhile comments to their fellows. This has meant that friendship has blossomed out of the common love. It is not about competition or advertising, but about learning, supporting and sharing their combined knowledge.

Rules of Poem Kubili?

There is only one main rule to Poem Kubili, which is to include the 2 randomly selected words in the poem.
Due to the unique nature of Poem Kubili we only accept 12 poems to be posted weekly, as any more would diminish the essence of Poem Kubili. These 12 poems are selected on 3 simple factors –

Firstly, how many weeks a poet or poetesses has written and has had poems posted on Poem Kubili Tuesday.

Secondly, how they interact with the other members of the fellowship, Poem Kubili works because its members give their time freely to support other members grow, encouraging them to improve their writing skills and feel appreciated.

Lastly, it is based on the poem itself; Poem Kubili is about improving the poet’s and poetesses’s poetic skills. As we have many different levels of poetry and the poetry our members write is already of a high standard, this has the lowest weight when it comes to selecting which poems are posted to Facebook on Tuesday’s.


What members say about Poem Kubili?

Rainy Sarmistha – A huge thank to u Alex I really feel so good and it’s all happened because for your this Poem Kubili…it really give our poems to fly high..on the heart of blue sky..regards and thank u all poets here

Bob Williams – Alex. Thank you. It’s nice to be in the company of good poets, and I really enjoyed the writing prompt you used to help us to create our poems.

Ryan Woods – It’s a pleasure to be a part of this close knit group of supportive and appreciative poets and poetesses.

Christina Pelton – O, Alex, thank you immensely! I would not had the chance of travelling back once more and light candles to call out my mother and father If weren’t your creation of the beautiful garden. I indebted to you.

Dianne Forbes Compton – Bless you, Alex. You are a kind and thoughtful person. I was telling Ryan how enjoyable this was. Exercises can help strengthen our writing.

David Thorpe – Thank you Alex, a really inspiring experience

Jen Walls – Equally bringing into heart’s delight – week after week KUBiLi is a place for mutual discovery and sharing. It’s ever a real energetic flowing into many gifts that share depth and understanding within togetherness. Poem KUBiLi group works, because it is without brash ego and empty competitiveness…ever giving feeling for heart’s spirit; uplifting into vitality of care through all the diverse poetry shared.

Plain Faced Poetess – The experience was humbling and exhilarating! I thank you wholeheartedly for the encouragement and pleasure of being in such great company.

Joy Wilson Parrish – Honestly, when I first arrived, I had no clue what this was about. What the heck is a kubili ?! Ah me, I got on the wrong bus again. But the word play in the posts ( had not seen a poem as yet)intrigued me and so I skulked about in the shadows, peering over shoulders and pens and half closed lap tops. I am glad I did. The level of artistry here is, yes – humbling. To be welcomed with hearts wide open is nothing short of miraculous.

Neil Kinsey-Fagan – I would describe the experience as exhilarating and after reading all the entries for once in my life i was lost for words. A truly great experience long live the Kubili


Alexander Maxwell