Poem: War in Raged Belief

Poem: War in Raged Belief

War In Raged Belief Poem

We wage war, in raged belief
Reason for, without thought.
Building life’s pile, to dying ash
We the vile, deserve the desert rash
What have we fought for?

Peace without reward
Our failure to think forward
Back and forth we carelessly sink
Submerged in daily want, for words
Of fames guidance, alas perturbed

Freedoms sacrifice smokes hurt
Bound to the wrists and the spirit
We desert the thought of holding it
The way lit with candles of courage
To accept fears distant flames burnt

Corruption rusts, by the enforced
Who’s drenched, always in thirst
Pride’s sweat sticks to over dosed.
Rolls, that fit under the mighty oaks
Before tears of regret instant burst.