Poem: With Recognition Lit Irises

Poem: With Recognition Lit Irises

With Recognition Lit Irises Poem

Express the word, concurred trees
Challenged to different degrees
Youthful love blinking for stars moved
And the leaves sink on distant goodbyes

When will our journeys’ intersect again
With subtle scents of times recognition.
Memory distortion rising it flips
Upon the name wetting tongue tips

Your face still shimmers a desert mirage
With palms outstretched finger in breeze
Nostalgia, forever known for lazy longing
This older me, in times turn we’ve become

Bus shelters once kept us burning secure
Waiting under love’s ticking home town clock
To race the ticking hunger of the lunch hour
And the pumping of blood through two hearts

Now, as the leaves turn, again down flutter
Opposite ends we here at distance stand
Wrinkled in life’s woes and meddling years
Estuaries of no way backwards lost

Scars deep sliced, unhealed and worded ruts
Of decisions to gain blindly follower’d
Racing the mind towards the knowing end
Further floating from that summers final kiss.